Motto: Amandla ebunyeni (Power in Unity)

Female Orthopaedic Surgeons in South Africa are still a minority and have challenges in the workplace unique to their gender. We need a society solely for female surgeons to address these challenges and establish protocols. We need to identify barriers to job satisfaction and as well decrease the attrition of women in Orthopaedics.

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Mission Statement

  • To improve the training experience of female Orthopaedic surgeons in South Africa.
  • To promote professional development and career progression of women in Orthopaedics.
  • To attract junior female medical students and doctors to specialize in Orthopaedics.

Strategic Domains

Membership: Promote membership to the society among female Orthopaedic medical officers, registrars and consultants.

  • Goal 1: Build a member benefits portfolio based on member needs by career stage.
  • Goal 2: Establish regional branch leaders to run meetings in each province.
  • Goal 3: Networking of members via regional branches – quarterly educational meetings.
  • Goal 4: Social media closed network group for national networking.
  • Goal 5: Annual luncheon held at annual SAOA congress.


Promotion of Orthopaedics as a speciality amongst female junior doctors and medical students:

  • Goal 1: Social evenings with/ contact point for interested medical students to create networking opportunities and build relationships.
  • Goal 2: Offer job shadowing and elective clinical rotation opportunities.
  • Goal 3: Promotion of the society at medical school open days.


Professional Development and career progression: Provide educational opportunities to enhance members’ careers.

  • Goal 1: Establish a mentorship program to improve the experience of female registrars as well as retention of these registrars in the program.
    Goal 2: Enhance unity of the community; sharing of ideas and resources.
    Goal 3: Create opportunities for career progression.
    Goal 2: Access to leadership courses.


Policy writing regarding gender specific issues:

  • Goal 1: Protection from Radiation during pregnancy.
  • Goal 2: Maternity leave policies.
  • Goal 3: Flexible hours/ part-time due to childcare.
  • Goal 4: Sexual discrimination awareness.


Research: Support and empower members to participate in and lead research projects.

  • Goal 1: Create greater awareness of research opportunities to increase participation.
  • Goal 2: Support for surgeons’ doing clinical research.
  • Goal 3: Expand the research funding and award opportunities through private sector collaborations and industry partnership as well as donations.


Organizational Excellence: Become and maintain a sustainable society.

  • Goal 1: Create a culture of transparency, honesty and integrity.
  • Goal 2: Practice Ubuntu to our members (compassion and humanity).
  • Goal 3: Secure the Society’s fiscal health.


None of these are possible without:

  • Collaboration and networking
  • Excellent communication and administration
  • Diversity
  • Education and career opportunities

When women support each other, incredible things happen