Welcome to the South African Female Orthopaedic Surgeon Society

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

– Josh Kidney

Workshop Feedback

The workshop is an amazing introduction to ortho, very seldom even back at Medical school do we get such good exposure and be this hands on in ortho! Thank you so much! I’m sure all the attendees could see and feel all the hard work and effort put into this workshop to make it happen! Was an amazing experience!

Dr. Wing - Medical Doctor

Workshop Feedback

It was an absolute privilege! Thank you for the opportunity. I will gladly attend again and would very much like to shadow surgeries if possible - I know that I am only 3rd year, however Orthopaedic Surgery is definitely a speciality that I consider. I really enjoyed the seminar and it gave me the confidence boost that I needed - you don’t necessarily have to be a big and strong guy to do the job 🙂

Nicola - 3rd year Medical Student